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Vehicle Marketing Plan

    The vehicle we designed has many special qualities. We believe we have met the requirements for the vehicle. Our target market were adults, first time consumers, from the ages of 18-24years of age with the vehicle selling at a price of $30,000.00 dollars. We will sell our car on the Continental United States. They will be distributed at crystler dealerships dealerships through out the country. Advertising for our car will be on television, radio, and newspapers. Some profits will be used to pay for the advertiments as well as some preinvested money on the car. Our advertisement stragey will be simple and direct towards our target market audience. Our car will have air conditioning, CD/ cassette player, power locks power windows, GPS navigational system. The car will use fuel cells as an energy source with a polymer body composition.

    In addition, the prices for fuel cells will go down dramatically once the technology is more reliable and cheaper to produce.  We know that fuel cells are expensive now, but by the year 2009, when the car is to be put into production there will be a lot more automobiles with fuel cells as an energy source out on the market and the cost of use of fuel cells will be less.  We figure we can take off $1,900 for fuel cells and that would make it an even $7,000 and add more luxuries to the car or profit from it.

    We will need $300 dollars for vehicle design and production. We will bring our vehicle to market in 2005. It will take two weeks to a month to design our vehicle. Yes we will need to adjust the vehicle selling price due to inflation.




Survey Results (Graphs)