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Our target selling price is $30,000.00 dollars.

Our car will have air conditioning, CD/ cassette player, power locks power windows, GPS navigational system.

Our car will use fuel cells as an energy source with a polymer body composition.

We are going to change the prices a bit.  We know that fuel cells are expensive now, but by the year 2009 when the car is supposed to be put into production there will be a lot more automobiles with fuel cells as an energy source and the cost of use of fuel cells will be less.  We figure we can take off $1,900 for fuel cells and that would make it an even $7,000 and add more luxuries to the car or profit from it.

We will need $300 dollars for vehicle design and production.

We will bring our vehicle to market in 2005. It will take two weeks to a month to design our vehicle. Yes we will need to adjust the vehicle selling price due to inflation.